LEDbay new generation of lightingNEW GENERATION OF LIGHTING

LEDbay lighting is a professional company that lives and breathes innovation, bringing a dash of new thinking into the lighting industry. We are committed to design, install, and commission the New Generation of Lighting that not only is eco-friendly but also tailored to your specific needs - regardless whether it is a small or a large-scale project, a replacement or a new installation. The New Generation of Lighting is not about fancy controls but the Perfect colour temperature (P), Optimal light (O), Lighting on demand (L), and Enhanced efficacy (E), for achieving work place safety, employee’s well-being, better business performance, and maximum energy savings.


The vast majority of today’s lighting is either too dark or too bright and can’t make any adjustments to its brightness and/or colour, other than just turn it ON of OFF. With our new-generation responsive lighting solutions that work perfectly with both new installations and replacement, you can transform your office, meeting room, or business space into a comfortable, productive, and cost-saving environment. Discover a world of possibilities with the new generation of lighting, and see light in a whole new way. With one click, transform a fully lit conference room into a professional presentation room, and then turn it into an intimate discussion and brainstorming space. The best part is? You get full control of your lighting system and your electricity bills.