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New Generation of Lighting (POLE)

LEDbay about us

LEDbay lighting is a professional company that lives and breathes innovation, bringing a dash of new thinking into the lighting industry. We are committed to design, install, and commission the new generation of lighting that not only is eco-friendly but also tailored to your specific needs. Our proven and advanced lighting systems are able to deliver quality light with P (Perfect Colour Temperature), O (Optimal Light), L (Lighting on Demand), and E (Enhanced Efficacy). 

Perfect Colour Temperature: Studies have shown that colours affect our psychologies and moods. Cooler colours promote wakefulness and productivity while warmer colours tend to promote relaxation. With our new generation of lighting, you can set the perfect colour temperature for your activities, whether it be inviting, relaxed, calm, comfortable, or focused.

Optimal Light: When designing their lighting systems, LEDbay’s team of engineers did not only put power efficacy and durability into consideration, they also considered flicker-free, high colour-rendering, beam angles, brightness, uniformity, comfortability, and reduced glare to achieve optimal lighting, to ensure maximum protection for eyes, and to promote the feeling of well-being.

Lighting on Demand: Turn on lights only when you need them. This does not just maximise power savings, it also creates an individual level of lighting comfort and promotes a feeling of well-being. The Brightness Adjustment, Changeable Colour Temperature, Zone/Group, Scene, and Smart Sensor features maximise power and flexibility of control.

Enhanced Efficacy: “Greener. Smarter.” That’s our slogan and our mission. With LEDbay’s eco-friendly, high power-efficacy, and long lifespan LED products, customers enjoy great energy savings as well as ease of maintenance in the long run. In addition, with our smart “lighting on demand” systems, you get full control of your lighting system and your electricity bills.

Reshape Your Business with Intelligent Lighting™

LEDbay lighting is capable of transforming your home, office or retail space into a futuristic playground with high-end, smart lighting systems based on the latest LED technologies. In other words, we allow our customers to take full advantage of the informational revolution and stay ahead of the trends by enjoying the luxury of intelligent and responsive lighting.

Environmental protection is another value we are deeply committed to. Our offering consists only of products with energy-efficient features. Green technologies have progressed radically over the past few years and are now entering a mature phase, so this is a great time to consider a switch. You can save a lot of money on electricity costs in this way while helping save the planet at the same time. Our highly knowledgeable and professional staffs are here to assist you from the start - customers can count on free consultation in advance of the purchase, as well as continual support afterwards. Since our lighting systems are built to last a long time, we are naturally inclined to nourish long-term collaboration with our private and corporate customers.

The keys to our Excellence 

Premium Quality Green Products Smart Lighting 3-Year Warranty Free Consultation Reseller Discounts
Our customers have a choice of high-quality products signed by premium manufacturers, which guarantees that our lighting solutions will stay in great shape for years without much need for active maintenance. When you buy from LEDbay, you can count on perfection every single time.
Switching to green technologies has never been easier, especially if you are collaborating with a proven provider like LEDbay. We offer a large number of products that expend less energy and produce fewer emissions than traditional light bulbs. In translation – more savings, less pollution!
Intelligent and programmable lighting systems are not a matter of science fiction anymore – they are real and here today. LEDbay can deliver and install a smart lighting system designed to your specifications and then you can set it up to fit the pattern that best suits your daily rhythms.
All products bought from LEDbay, as well as our intelligent lighting systems, come with a standard 3-year warranty, so our customers are fully protected. For any technical issues that might occur during the stated period, all malfunctioning equipment will be repaired or replaced free of charge.
We are always happy to lend professional advice and we don’t need any compensation in exchange. You can contact us by e-mail or phone at any time and we will run you through our range of smart and green lighting options at your disposal and help you choose one that fits your needs.
In addition to working directly with end users, LEDbay is open for collaboration with resellers, consultants, designers, architects, and contractors. Ask our representative how to become a part of our retail network!