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Your company office is where strategies are made, targets reached and goals realised. For that to happen, it is important to create an environment that encourages interaction, creativity, productivity, and stimulation. Getting the lighting right in your office is crucial for developing a prosperous business, and can literally be the difference between success and failure. More importantly, lighting is an essential provision for workplace safety, poor lighting may affect employees' health and performance, and are more likely to increase the chances of errors being made. On the other hand, a good lighting with the perfect colour temperature, sufficient brightness, and uniform light not just improves productivity and creativity but also helps to see and recognise hazards, and reduce visual strain and discomfort, which in turn improves employees’ overall performance and well-being. Unfortunately, the vast majority of today’s offices are either too dark or too bright and it can’t make any adjustments to the lighting, other than to just turn them on or off.

Energy costs are another problem in today’s office lighting systems, the lack of energy efficacy and control for conventional lighting system in offices brings significant challenges.

Intelli-Office: The Answer to Offices’ Needs

The Intelli-Office lighting system offers a new generation of lighting to give employees a better working environment than ever before.

First, the Intelli-Office system incorporates LEDbay's PL10 series of LED panel lights, which delivers comfortable, shadow-free and evenly-distributed uniform light, and they are flicker- and glare-free. These are important for eye protection especially when employees spend long hours in the room reading or working.

Second, the Intell-Office lighting system allows you to adjust or preset brightness to meet the requirements of workplace safety. This is important for employees’ health and well-being and it also helps to increase productivity and creativity.

Third, the Intelli-Office come with a unique Zone/Group feature, which allows you to divide a room into various lighting zones, and each zone can have its own brightness settings. This is important because different tasks require different level of brightness, for example, a minimum of 320 lux is required for reading, writing and general office tasks, while 600 lux is required for drawing boards and inspection tasks. In addition, each zone can have its own smart sensors so as to maximise energy savings.

Lastly, with LEDbay’s eco-friendly, power-efficient, and long-lifespan LED products, businesses enjoy not just great energy savings but also maintenance ease in the long run. With our “lighting on demand” technologies, you get full control of your lighting systems, as well as your electricity bills.

LEDbay Intelli-Office lighting system for offices

Key Features

smart sensor
  • Smart Sensor
  • Unlike many other sensors that come with only an ON/OFF feature, our smart sensors feature multiple steps for dimness and adjustable detection ranges and dwelling times. In addition, the smart sensors not only detect motion but also feature unique daylight harvesting to maximise the energy savings.
Intelli-office dimmable
  • Dimmable
  • The Intelli-Office system allows you to adjust brightness and create an ideal lighting for reading, writing, and discussions, which could improve employees' performance dramatically.
Zone / Group Feature
  • Zone / Group
  • The zone/group feature allows you to divide a room into various lighting zones, and each zone can have its own lighting setting for brightness and/or colour temperature. In addition, each zone can have its own smart sensors so as to maximise energy savings.
  • CRI >80
  • The Intelli-Office system’s LED panel lights feature a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 80 or above. This is important for revealing the true colours of objects presented in offices.
Flicker & Glare Free
  • Flicker & Glare Free
  • The Intelli-Office system incorporates LEDbay’s PL10 series of LED panel lights and features comfortable and uniform light that is flicker- and glare-free. These are important for eye protection, especially when employees spend long hours in the room.
Energy & maintenance Savings
  • Energy & Maintenance Savings
  • With high-quality, long-lasting LED components and designs, our LED lighting system offers great energy savings and is maintenance-free for many years.

Project Example:

LEDbay PL10 LED panel light Office Installation