LED is an abbreviation which means Light Emitting Diode.

LEDs have an enormously high life span mostly up to 30,000 hours. If you use LED for 8 hours a day, a 30,000 LED bulb lasts for more than 10 years.

You can use LED in almost all situations. You can find a LED replacement for almost all types of bulbs.

There are numerous advantages LED’s.

- Savings of electricity

- Long rated life

- Low emission of heat, UV or infrared

- Uses no mercury

- Resistant to shock and vibration

Just like any other products, quality matter in LEDs too. Buy LEDs from a manufacturer who has built quality in each and every component of the LED.

- We offer three-year product quality

- We offer free consultation on your LED projects

- We provide complete LED lighting solutions for different applications such as retail, commercial, industrial, and offices, etc.

LEDs are absolutely eco-friendly. They use a lesser amount of electricity. These savings by everyone eventually lower emissions from power plants. LEDs have no mercury and they last longer. Therefore, they also reduce solid wastes. 

Typically, you can. However, please test the dimming system properly before using it permanently.